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More and more, faucets are being chosen based on fashion and style rather than utility.  Faucets are often the final touch on a kitchen or bathroom design. Here are five of the most fashionable faucets available today!

1. Old World – The Old World faucet fashion lends an antique or vintage look to any kitchen or bathroom setting. Generally darker in color, these faucets have a rustic look to them.


2. Pullout – These modern, efficient faucets are generally seen in kitchens more than in the bathroom. These faucets have the ability to be pulled out thanks to a retracting metal hose, allowing for maximum reach. This is particularly ideal for kitchens that have two sinks side by side.


3. Industrial – Thanks to the rise in popularity of cooking shows over the last decade, many homeowners are opting for industrial faucets used primarily by cooks and chefs.  These faucets are sleek and professional looking, but also are generally higher up to allow for piles of dishes.


4. Contemporary – Contemporary faucets are often simple in design, but employ unique geometric styles.


5. Hands-Free – These modern faucets are exceptional for their efficiency. They save water and also reduce the spread of germs and other bacteria. Many are activated by simply touching anywhere on the handle, but the more advanced models employ motion or infrared detectors to turn on and off.


These five faucet fashions are all excellent choices for accentuating the tone of the design of your kitchen or bathroom. However, always contact your local plumbing expert to ensure that your faucets are installed properly.